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Alpine and Ski Cross enters an exciting phase for future ski champions

Alpine and Ski Cross in Australian skiing is set on a positive trajectory with Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA) currently in the implementation phase of its new strategy that has been developed based on the Alpine & Ski Cross Review released in February 2018, and The Arc Ski Development Program is in full support.

Recognising that there is an enormous pool of untapped talent in the younger demographic, and adopting the AIS’ FTEM (Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery) Athlete Development Framework, SSA Alpine Director Mick Branch and Ski Cross Head Coach Shawn Fleming are now busy putting in place the following strategies:

  • The SSA Club Recognition Program: SSA working with Australian alpine clubs (skier development programs like race clubs and mountain academies) to identify opportunities for SSA to better support clubs into the future;
  • Collaboration between alpine bodies including state alpine committees, SSA, resorts and NAC;
  • A newly developed National Alpine Ski Team (NAST) criteria;
  • The development and acquisition of a coach reporting tool for club coaches to assist with SSA’s data collection;
  • A reviewed Children’s Watchlist operation;
  • Reporting on Alpine and Ski Cross programs provided during the Northern Hemisphere season;

To support the SSA Club Recognition Program, SSA held a Club Workshop in early June for all Australian alpine and ski cross race clubs and development programs. Dr Juanita Weissensteiner, Principal Advisor Talent Pathways at the NSW Office of Sport, who was instrumental in developing the Alpine & Ski Cross Review presented the FTEM model at the workshop.

The Club Workshop aimed to assist clubs and resorts to better understand how to implement key strategies from the Alpine Review. It also provided valuable insight into how SSA can better support race clubs.

According to The Arc’s Jono Brauer, the SSA Alpine Workshop was successful in progressing collaboration between the alpine community.

“Australian Alpine and Ski Cross is entering a positive phase, with all Australian race clubs and skier development programs assisting to implement SSA’s strategy adopting the FTEM model.

Having all Australian Alpine and Ski Cross bodies working together on a clear strategy based on the recent Alpine Review will greatly enhance the future for Australia’s up and coming Alpine and Ski Cross athletes,” explained Jono.

The Arc Skier Development Program aims to support SSA’s new strategy by providing a structured program during the Northern Hemisphere winter. With a focus on core skill development, The Arc’s programming is tailored to support the FTEM framework in a fun, dynamic and supportive coaching environment.

For more information on the training offered by The Arc Ski Development Program, read here. 

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